Team Vendetta takes on Seattle, Washington


Recently Bahamian music impresario, Hip Hop artist Sasha Dunn and his production team The Vendetta Group has embarked on a major undertaking of traveling to Seattle, Washington. The goal of the trip was to push the team’s new music and help with the development and grooming of Vendetta’s young artist Angel K. and Clar. As team Vendetta arrived into Tacoma International Airport the magnitude and beauty of the city of Seattle that was now somewhat shrouded by some fog and clouds was breathtaking but it was the vision of the iconic Space Needle that brought the bigger vision of the trip into perspective.

The team hit the ground running by organizing a series of photo shoots for the artists on the picturesque island of Anacortes. As the team drove along the highways towards the island they described it as being taken aback by the beauty of the giant majestic evergreen pines that same to be everywhere with the accompanying grandiose mountains which filled the skyline. "Entering Anacortes was like going into a time warp and this is not to say in the town looked old but rather the town seemed to possess an old time sense of innocence and mystery," said Dunn.

10511291_10154416283320015_5304143759134943015_nThe shoot took place at a landing called Cap Sante which offered a magnificent view of the island and its accompanying islands. "The next day we got started early and made our way down to the Space Needle," said Dunn. "Just driving towards the world famous landmark was a treat to be able to see the beauty in the architecture of the city of Seattle. The stunning arrangement of classic brownstones with modern art deco building was brilliant." Once atop the Space Needle the team got to see Seattle’s true beauty. They say a picture tells a thousand words but even if one could take a thousand photos while there it would still not be enough to do the city justice.

Later that Week Angel K, Clar and Sasha Dunn had a date with destiny at the Skylark Bar and Grill where they were set to perform. Clar started the set with an acapella rendition of his song “Live for Something” assisted by Angel K on the hook and the conscious rap song moved the crowd.

Next up was twelve year old Angel K with Sasha performing her track called “Turnt Up.”   She did an amazing job and it shocked the crowd to see  that such a young innocent looking tween girl could possess such vicious lyrical content and confident delivery.

Next up was Mr. Dunn to close out the set with his song “G.L.S. Girls Love Sasha” which the crowd loved for its playfulness but seriousness . Overall with The Vendetta Group being the only Hip Hop act on the bill  were beyond well received. People walked up complementing the team on a job well done. "It is amazing how the team got an opportunity to see and do so much on this one amazing trip," said Dunn. The trip was beautifully captured by No Budget Production and will be uploaded to youtube and made available on the Sasha’s Street Stash Vol. 4 DVD.