Bravo Bruce Jenner!

abc_jenner_sawyeI watched the ABC Diane Sawyer interview tonight with Bruce Jenner, and my spidey senses were tingling, as not only was I moved by the interview, I knew that I was taking in a part of history. I tuned in by chance (channel surfing), and never intended to watch it. I, like so many, felt Bruce was some sort of 'oddity or loser' solely by the way "The Kardashians" depicted him on the show. Watching the ABC special tonight, I revisited Bruce in his early years as the Olympic athlete; then his love for his second wife (a widow/ Kris); his love for his own 4 children and taking in Kris' children - them having 2 of their own. The fact that he held all this in, 'his story' for all this time, and quietly let the girls strut; and now bravely steps forward, is the most courageous act I've seen in a very long time.

Most touching was how his children rivaled around him, showing that really, all we need is unconditional love, and acceptance...

All I can say now is, if he did that much as a man, I can't wait to see what he will do as a woman!