Grand Chief Derek Nepinak attends World Human Rights Forum in Morocco


  Grand Chief Derek Nepinak of Canada is currently in Morocco attending the World Human Rights Forum (Forum mondial des droits de l'Homme),  Morocco is following Brazil in the organization of the event which is being held in Marrakech from the 27 to the 30th of November 2014. Over 7,500 delegates from around the world are in attendance.

While attending he wore his headdress, and was interviewed by media on issues such as the denial of human rights for indigenous peoples in the nation state of Canada; 1,200 missing and murdered indigenous women and girls; and the 10's of thousands of Native children apprehended in state care.

Facebook photo

Nepinak wrote this along with his photo on his Facebook page, "Honouring the tools I have to work with today in Marrakesh, Moroccco. Lots of chatter amongst the winged ones outside my room. They're not familiar w our medicines but welcome it. Trees demand acknowledgement as well in my morning pipe ceremony. Thanking creator for my little ones, my family, giving thanks for bringing me here, thanking all those who know the reasons why I'm here & praying for understanding for those who don't. "

Grand Chief Derek Nepinak addressed the World Forum on Human Rights in Marrakech, Morocco on November 28, 2014. He introduced himself in his Native tongue, English and French.

"Unfortunately colonialism is alive and well in Canada. A discussion on the efficacy of human rights in the context of indigenous people's living in the nation state of Canada is a complex discussion. On the surface Canada has maintained an image of being world leaders in the protection of human rights, when the experience and reality for indigenous peoples living within the margins of the nation state is much different," said Nepinak.

"The application of Canadian colonial police and law in Canada, to the detriment of indigenous peoples, points to an inter generational genocide."


Below is the video link for Grand Chief Nepinak's address at the Forum.

He also spoke during the closing ceremony on November 30th:

"We have traveled here to tell you about what it is like to live in a nation state that has pushed aside its indigenous people. We are here to tell you about the challenges we face with our murdered and missing women and girls."  Nepinak brought up the recent statistics out of Alberta where 18 children under the Child Welfare System have died since April, the "residential school legacy," and the "education apartheid."

"We are living in a very difficult time... We are very very resilient. We are going through a renaissance of who we are... Our sovereignty is expressed through the life of our women."

His closing remarks can be viewed here, followed by remarks of Deanna Ledoux: