Robbin Whachell

Robbin Whachell

I am a communications specialist, writer, photojournalist, and the co-creator of one of The Bahamas' leading news sites, I am a pioneer in online news and marketing and known for my networking, mentoring, community building, and social media skills. I have a background in information management, communications, and film.

My connection to the North American east coast and the Caribbean comes from my 13-year residence in Grand Bahama Island where I was very involved in the community before my home-based hobby e-newsletter mushroomed into a leading news portal. I am the recipient of the Visionary Business Leader and Entrepreneurs Award (Bahamas).

I now live in the naturally-beautiful west coast city of Coquitlam in B.C., Canada, where I’ve been nominated for an environmental achievement award and have been acknowledged for my volunteer work with the Hoy-Scott Watershed Society, a group that assists in wild salmon sustainability.  I also assist the Rivershed Society of B.C. 

A Metis Canadian with Cree, Sioux, Stoney, and Anishinabek lineage, I was born in The Pas, Manitoba, and grew up in Alberta, graduating from Sturgeon Composite High School. I’ve worked in several departments of the Alberta Government before moving to Vancouver, B.C. It was there that I studied filmmaking and acting, while working at Price Waterhouse.

I have four amazing adult children and I’m passionate about story-telling, family, community-building, networking, preserving culture, and the environment. I am now adult-parent to my 85+ mother and I love to share my experiences on Facebook under the hashtag, #parentingourparents.

In my spare time, when I’m not hiking, playing soccer, paddling with the Nothin' Dragon Masters Team, or training in javelin, shot put and discus with Ultra Throw, I like to walk in nature or explore my community taking photos or video, and writing about what I see and feel.

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