Songs of Lineage

My youngest Jackie sang tonight at her high school talent show. She'd been rehearsing with her friend Juan, who accompanied her on guitar for some weeks now.  It's been quite awhile since I've heard her sing publicly, the last was in Grand Bahama at the Labyrinth.  She was affectionately introduced tonight at her school here in Canada as "Bahama Mama" as she grew up in The Bahamas.

There's something about listening to your child sing. It's like ointment on a wound. T o see your child perform on stage is a whole other experience. For me, I felt like I was right there with her... one with her.  I could feel every change in the music, and feel the emotion. The song they chose to cover was not an easy one.  "Run" by Daughter is a haunting song with lilts and lifts.  A touch of Sarah McLaughlin and Joan Baez.

I snapped away on the camera as I was memorized with my daughter and I became teary. I could hear nothing but her.  Then, I heard more than just her... I heard my youngest sister singing through her, then my oldest sister, and then my mother was singing through her.  She was a chord of song running through my lineage.

It may sound dramatic, but it was really quite simple.  Simple and beautiful...

Listen to her song HERE


(Photos seen here were taken by me. Her friend Amal, top left, suggested the song and was the shows MC; and Juan played beautifully on guitar; and her other friend Sara seen coming through the curtains was the shows other MC)