16-yr-old Saint Lucian model to walk the runway in Paris


Meet 16 year old Brittany Noon, a Saint Lucian model who will have the honor of being first to walk down the runway at the 2014 Laboethnik Fashion Trade Show in Paris, France this May.  Quite an achievement for her first international runway show! Noon was presented the opportunity by Saint Lucian-Parisian fashion celebrity Vincent Mc Doom who is the artistic and casting director of this year's Labo Ethnik which will be held at Les Docks, Cite de la Mode in Paris.

Born to a Saint Lucian father, Dominic Noon and French mother, Carole Noon the Noons have been living in Antigua for the past 12 years where both parents work. Brittany's father grew up with Vincent Mc Doom in St Lucia. "We've known each other for years, but our professions took us both in different directions and we have not seen each other in 25 years since I left the Caribbean to further myself in the fashion industry here in Paris," said Mc Doom who is is a permanent judge on Russia's Next Top Model. He's also been involved in France and Poland's Next Top Model, and has appeared as a guest judge on Germany's Next Top Model.

It all came together when a mutual friend of the Noon family and Mc Doom was visiting Paris. "Diane and I met for tea and she showed me a photo of Brittany when I mentioned I was involved in Labo Ethnik and that I will later this year be producing my own Caribbean show in St. Lucia," continued Mc Doom.

"Diane suggested that I contact Brittany's father Dominic. We spoke and I told him I wanted to work with Brittany on the Paris catwalk of Labo Ethnik, and after putting any fears he may have had to to rest, he spoke to his wife Carole and they both called back to give me the great news that they'd agreed."

Brittany's dreams are coming true, likely faster than she'd thought, and the high school student who started modeling at age 14 is excited to have the opportunity to be working with seasoned professionals in the international arena, and plans to make modeling her profession after completing school.

"When I posted Brittany's photo to my Facebook page announcing she will be the face of not only Labo Ethnik in Paris, but also my upcoming event in St. Lucia, I've had requests to present her to the esteemed Metropolitan Models international agency in Paris," said Mc Doom. "This girl's definitely got 'the look'."

Other St. Lucian models who will walk at Labo Ethnik on May 22nd are Tarah Edwards, Tangie Butcher, and Ed Richards, all from Divine Models Agency in St Lucia. They will be modeling for such high fashion designers as Franck Sorbier, Romero Bryan, Taibo Barca, Heather Jones, Ziad Ghanem, and fashion newcomer Lisi Liu.  St Lucian designers also will be represented for the first time in Paris, with Lyn Bristol among them.  Fashions from Trinidad, Guyana, Martinique, Gaudaloupe, Barbados, Jamaica, China, Japan, Africa, Europe, and the USA will also be represented.

With a passion for highlighting Caribbean talent, McDoom said," It's a great pleasure for me to work with St Lucian and Caribbean hopefuls, and Brittany has all it takes to be a supermodel like Cindy Bruna or a Maria Borges, the top models of the moment."

For more information on Labo Ethnik visit the website: laboethnik.com,  or on Facebook: facebook.com/labo.ethnik