Fashion Show to Raise Funds for Canada's Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

fashion-speak-kamloops A  fundraising fashion show called Fashion Speaks set to raise funds and awareness for Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women, Girls and Families of Canada will take place on Wednesday evening, September 16th at the Kamloops Indian Band Powwow Grounds in Kamloops, BC.   A four directions runway will showcase Aboriginal couture fashions, footwear, and accessories.

Designers to be featured are: Earthline Contemporary Aboriginal; Fashions by Shannon Kilroy; Cree Nisgaa Clothing by Linda Lava; First Lady by Jill Setah; Rev/Evo Designs by Nadine Spence; Ab-original Threadz by Teresa Walker; Ringing Bell Robes by Lyn Kay; Touch of Culture by Pam Baker; and Timeless Shadows by Tracey George Heese.

Chief Shane Gottfriedson is said to be providing the welcome, and other speakers will include Diena Jules, the RCMP among others yet to be announced. The event will also feature designer/artists sales booths, information tables, and displays.  A silent auction will be held, with items donated items from across North America.

Ashley Callingbull who  represented Canada in the 2015 Mrs. Universe pageant and won will be the special guest model and there are opportunities for both male and female models to participate. Organizers are seeking volunteers to assist with the event.

The event Facebook page states that the Fashion Speaks event will:

Speak to all our thoughts of hope and wishes for a better future, for our aboriginal females, babies, girls, youth and elders,

Speak by remembering the loss of so many of our aboriginal women and girls gone missing and murdered, and their families,

Speak to us all of every nationality and gender to work together as family, community and as Nations to protect our women and girls of Canada.

Speak to all four directions and the creator to protect us all and to support each-other on this journey to be treated with respect on our mother land.

Speak to ourselves to be honoured and proud to be aboriginal, that we can all make a difference and change for a healthier future, we are all worth it.

More information and applications for the event can be found at or contact Kim Coltman of Headhunters Hair-salon and Wellness Center by email

Organizers say they  are proud and honoured to have partnered with the Kamloops Indian Band, His & Her Photography, Main Street Clothing, The Zoo Ice Cream Parlor, CIFM-FM, CKBZ-FM, and CFJC TV.  All proceeds will go to Families of Sisters in Spirit