A Clean Little Story!


Home cleaning has changed over the years, with the coming of the more natural home products that are non-toxic or non-caustic.  Our home is our haven and we try and spend the good majority of our time there, and in fact we do by the mere fact we sleep at night. Some 10 years ago, when I was living in The Bahamas, a friend told me about her vacuum, and even let me borrow it one day when mine had died.  It was a system that required no bags and all the dirt you sucked up was pushed through water, so when you were done, all you had to do was empty the dirty water out. No dust, no hot smell, none of that.  I was so impressed, I swore that one day I'd own one too.

Fast forward ten years, and I do now own something even better! I've purchased a Pro Aqua, and I've never been happier.  Not only is it a kick-butt  vacuum, but I can get the dust mites out of my bed, and clean stuffed animals, cushions, clothes that  need dusting, all with this amazing device.

It's also a wet-vac, and it saved our wood floors when we moved into our new place. Our washing machine had flooded over and the water went across the tile and onto the wood flooring. Within minutes we had it all sucked up.

The greatest thing about the Pro Aqua is that it cleans the air in your home.  An interesting statistic is that "studies of human exposure to air pollutants by EPA indicate that indoor levels of pollutants may be 2 to 5 times – and occasionally more than 100 times – higher than outdoor pollutant levels. "

Let's face it our home is a contained (often closed) vessel for the most part.  Outside air may seem fresh, but when we open our windows the outside allergens, and pollutants also come inside. Add to that dust, cooking molecules, candle chemicals, etc, and our home can be a toxic place.

I run my Pro Aqua ever day for about a half hour and it sucks in the air, and pushes out clean air. It comes with natural fragrances (oils) that you can drop into the water, so when you are either vacuuming, or 'cleaning the air', your home smells wonderful.  It runs cool and the motor is very powerful, manufactured in Germany by leading manufacturers.

Who hasn't burned toast, or food while cooking, and sometimes we wish our home would not smell like the food we just cooked.  Pro Aqua helps there too. I just put it on low in the kitchen while I am cooking, or after we've enjoyed dinner and my home is fresh smelling again in minutes.

Valued for its diversity; the Pro-Aqua is a multi-talented power house! It can hold up to the toughest applications either commercial or residential.

With Pro Aqua there is no more dusty, germ laden vacuum bags to deal with, which get heated and fluff  allergens and bacteria back into the air like with regular vacuum systems.  My Pro Aqua blows cool clean air, and after I am done,  I just empty the water basin which has collected all the dirt.  Although I do have to come face to face with dust particles, hair, and dirt I just cleaned up, at least it's not in my home, and I can throw it down the toilet or dispose of it into my garden.  It may not seem pleasant, but we separate our trash (food waste) for recycling, and this is no different.

Once a month I clean my mattress with the Pro Aqua. You'd be amazed how fast dust mites multiply and how many live in our pillows and beds! No one is exempt no matter how clean you think you are.  If you suffer from dust allergies you may likely have an allergy to the dust mite's feces (excrement). I would highly recommend  a Pro Aqua for persons suffering with allergies.

The Pro Aqua does all the following for me: Wet vacuuming; Dry vacuuming; Air purifying (removal of allergens);  Room scenting; Bed and mattress cleaning; Carpet cleaning; Upholstery cleaning; Stain removal; Drain unclogging; Intlation/deflation (balls, air mattresses, bags of clothes for traveling etc); Vacuum-sealing; Humidification. It comes with all the great little attachments and nozzles and the hose never tangles.

We are in a new age of cleaning.  I remember the sci fi movie "Gattaca" with Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke.  There is a scene where Ethan finishes his morning routine in his bathroom, and he hits a switch upon leaving the room and there's a flash and all the room is sanitized completely, even his skin cells he's shed off, hair, etc, is gone.  We are not quite there yet, but Pro Aqua has us pretty close!

Interested in learning more? Pro Aqua is not sold in stores, but is sold in 50 countries and is new to Canada and distributed through http://www.sirey.ca/.  We liked ours so much, my son Nathen Blower joined their company!  Check out the  Pro-Aqua Room Cleaning System on Facebook.  Tell 'em Robbin sent ya!