The Perfect Nap

The little sponge that could... For over 16 years now I've had this wonderful little sponge apparatus that has traveled with me, moved countries with me, and has become synonymous with my afternoon nap on my bed. It's two round sponges covered in nylon, and I place them below my head in the occipital area. It's specific pressure points that relax the head, fascia tissue, and brain. I learned about it when I studied cranial sacral therapy, and it provides the “CV-4 Still-Point Inducer.” I always prop my feet up on pillows too to enhance the effect.

"This is a good “shotgun” technique for helping tissue and fluid motion in and around the head, especially relaxing connective tissues throughout the body, and restoring flexibility of the autonomic nervous system response. It is beneficial for acute and chronic musculoskeletal lesions, including degenerative arthritis (wear & tear). It can lower fever as much as by four degrees (4) Fahrenheit. It can reduce brain or lung congestion, and dependent edema. It has been used to improve auto-immune disease, autistic behaviour of children, and anxiety." More info here: