My lucky penny...


I walked past this dead wet leaf on the sidewalk the other day, and I had to return to it to take this photo. It reminded me of a penny, the Canadian penny, which is no more.

How can something so dead look so beautiful I often think when I walk in nature here in beautiful B.C.

One day my children's children will have no memory of the penny, whereas my memories remain rich...

Learning to count with pennies. The feel of one in my hand, or even in my mouth.

The penny candy... saving up pennies to buy 5 cent candy.

Putting pennies on the train track to have them flattened.

Checking the year on a penny to see how old it had become and how its colour had changed.  Bright shiny new pennies like this one below.

As a teen I filled bottles to save them, as they'd  become a bit of a burden by their weight in my purse.  Today, I have none.

pennyRest in Peace   1858 -  2013