The haunted fireplace

The jokes on me!  (Photo: So it's been a year since I've left the highrise apartment to my humble abode on the ground by the creek.  It's almost spring and a sound has returned from one year ago.  Each morning I'd hear a drilling sound like it was coming from deep underground, like someone was drilling next to sewage pipes near our house. It was often around 7am so that perturbed me as I wondered who was allowed to do city work that early.

I was up in the kitchen today and heard the sound again,  and it seemed to be coming from the fireplace. Wth...?
I walked to the fireplace and waited and sure enough the sound was coming loud and clear from it.

Puzzled, I shrugged it off, and went back to the kitchen sink to continue my tasks. Looking out the window (it faces the neighbor's house), there, low and behold, a bird was on top at the chimney pipe there, and it was a woodpecker.  I heard his drumming, then a pause - then I'd hear drumming from our fireplace.  The woodpecker I saw was responding to the one that had to be on our house doing the same thing.

This went on for half an hour. At least today it was a decent time!