Creator of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge supports ALS BC event

11782529_507239206108782_5412109601798937886_o ONE AMAZING DAY! I have to think that life is taking care of itself, when things happen for me that seem to be divine providence.

I have had a friend named James for 30 years (in messy photo), and he is from BC, Canada, and lived in Bahamas with his wife during the time we also lived there, and now lives in the USA.

He grew up here so comes to visit his dad, and I am grateful as that is when we get to reconnect time and again.

The cool things is, when I told him my brother has ALS, he said, "wow, my best friend is part of the ALS Society of BC." (!) AND they are both named James... best buds, so you have Jimbo 1 and Jimbo 2... as 'they' call each other affectionately.

When I met Jimbo 2 via Jimbo 1 a few weeks ago he told me about the upcoming anniversary event for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and asked me to join them.

My brother has had ALS for 6 years now, so of course I was going! On the day of the event in Steveston, Richmond, BC, Canada I was SHOCKED to see the creator of the ALS Challenge, Pat Quinn (who is from Yonkers, NY and is seen with me in the photo top right), was at the event! This is the man, who has ALS himself, and who changed the lives of MILLIONS of ALS sufferers and their families 1 year ago with this challenge that went viral. ALS is a sickness that very few knew about, but Pat Quinn, gave everyone a voice. It was 'a MIRACLE' as Pat said today to local news.

After the event which was captured by a drone video, I met and spoke with Pat Quinn. When I thanked him for coming and for creating the Challenge, I started to cry because this viral event changed my brother's life, and mine.  When Pat spoke in front of the crowd, he said last year was a miracle. It sure was!

Today, I RECOMMITTED, and I will do this every year until there's a cure for ALS! Please join us by donating and sharing the message.

Global News TV Coverage here:

AND if you want to view ALL my photos from today, click his link:

ps. We used Rice Crispies today due to drought conditions, and were featured on Global BC News. The video, taken by a drone is below.

Here's a clip of my 2014 ALS Challenge video, but look out for a new one coming soon.…/als-ice-bucket-challenge-retur…/