Join American para-triathlete, Hector Picard for a Triathlon in Grand Bahama


Interview with Hector Picard in 2010 (Grand Bahama) Are you a triathlon junkie? Why not take in your next one in the beautiful Bahamas!?   Join American para-triathlete and motivational speaker  Hector Picard, the first and only  "Double Arm Amputee" 3x IRONMAN will be visiting Grand Bahama Island March 24th - March 31st. This will be a return visit for Mr. Picard who visited Grand Bahama Island in 2010 to compete at the Conchman Triathlon. While there, Mr. Picard spoke at  and was inspired by the children and staff at The Beacon School.

I was fortunate enough to connect with Hector via Facebook prior to that visit and our news team (The Bahamas Weekly) met up with him and conducted an interview before and during the race.

"I visited the Beacon School of Grand Bahama Island in 2010.  I was  invited by Coach Bert Bell to speak to the students in the hopes of  inspiring them.  The students ended up inspiring me.  Their smiles and  questions made for an emotional experience," said Picard.  "The Beacon School provides  an education for these special needs children.  As a double arm amputee,  swimming, cycling and even running are difficult but are nothing  compared to what these children will face in life.  My goals for the  "Triathlon for The Beacon School" (group) IRONMAN distance event on  March 29th are to raise funds and awareness for the school as well as show the children that Anything is Possible!"

Triathlon for The Beacon School will be a one day event starting on Saturday,  March 29th at Taino Beach at 7am.  Bahamian residents and tourists are invited to join Mr. Picard as   he swims 2.4 miles, cycles 112 miles, and runs 26.2 miles throughout  beautiful Grand Bahama Island. This event will raise funds and awareness  for the children of The Beacon School. Athletes of all levels can join  Mr. Picard throughout the course and be a part of this inspiring event.  Finish line festivities are being planned with times and locations to be  announced shortly.

There is an event Facebook page, "Triathlon for the  Beacon School" for further information and Mr. Picard wishes to thank who stepped in with media support.

Grand Bahama is a short half hour flight from Miami or Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I'd suggest the boutique hotel, The Pelican Bay, or the Grand Lucayan, both located in the central hub of the city for tourists and entertainment and only a short 10 minute cab ride from the location of the Triathlon.  The Bahamas uses the American dollar at par and interchangeably with Bahamian money.  You will need your passport.

More information on the race can be obtained here: or visit

On March 29, 2014 Let's  show the children of The Beacon School that Anything is Possible!