Meet the World's Best James Bond Impersonator


Arizona resident, Dennis Keogh wanted to remain active after his retirement while having fun with his impersonation of Sean Connery which he was continually developing and refining. He soon realized he could be successful as a celebrity impersonator, and has since become known as the 'World's Best James Bond Impersonator'. A lifelong fan of Sean Connery, Keogh now has his own fans from all over the world thanks to the Internet. In fact, Phoenix Magazine listed Dennis in its '101 Things To Do' in Phoenix where they suggest you hire Dennis for a night on the town and introduce him as your 'uncle Sean.'

Although he's never met Connery, he has studied the Bond character and Connery's work for more than 20 years, and his command of even the smallest detail of Sir Sean's storied career will have you shaken and stirred believing he's the real deal.

Keogh has criss-crossed USA and Canada over the past 10 years always acting in-character representing Connery. "I have never been to The Bahamas but I did go to Turks & Caicos. There they pulled me out of line at the airport thinking I was him to give me a VIP treatment and take photos with me. Oddly, when I told them I was not him, they refused to believe me."

His quick wit and engaging persona as Sir Sean never fails to garner an enthusiastic response. "Entertaining is a natural thing for me. My fans have validated my work with their enthusiasm and refusal to believe that I am not Sir Sean. For me that is the greatest reward."

Keogh and Connery

Keogh has appeared as 007 at over 500 events for large corporations and has convinced them all just by just speaking. "I love what I do and people tell me it shows," said the impersonator, who has also worked every major hotel in Las Vegas.  "I get my satisfaction in the faces that light up when they meet me, perhaps thinking it is Sean." Keogh knows how to work a crowd as Bond, and he says his greatest honour to date was marching up 5th Avenue, New York as Sean Connery in the St. Patrick's Day Parade 2013 with the families of the fallen.

A man on a mission. "I have helped raise thousands of dollars at events for charities and I have never had a disparaging word written or spoken of my impersonation," said Keogh who honours the undisputed James Bond 007 master with his spot-on impersonation in authentic Scottish Brogue, extraordinary resemblance, dress and delivery of Sir Sean's famous James Bond 007 wit and presence.

"I have mastered Connery's voice and mannerisms after years of practice and study, and I've driven or sat in more Aston Martins than one man can possibly do in a lifetime, even though I drive an old Mercedes!"

"I get my satisfaction in the faces that light up when they meet me, perhaps thinking it is Sean."

Best on the planet.   Here's an accolade from a man who runs an entertainment company for corporate events. "In my 27 years in business, I have worked with a number of Sean Connery impersonators - none of them get even CLOSE to Dennis Keogh. Dennis is not only a dead-ringer, but he really gets into character.  Dennis is also a true professional, and a joy to work with. If you are seeking a Sean Connery / James Bond look-alike impersonator for an event, then look no further, because Dennis is the best there is."

Dennis is looking forward to appearing at your next event. He has a License to Thrill!

Check out a video of Dennis Keogh in a ad for Actiance

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