Pets in a Cage – Parents in Apartments

Photo: Robbin Whachell We all realize the dilemma of pets in cages. We understand that they are in a foreign environment and so we compensate by taking them out, petting them, or talking to them to ensure they feel loved.

Do we give our aging parents that same amount of thought ? A talk, a walk. We walk our pets to ensure they maintain their bodily functions… do our parents not deserve the same attention to ensure they are moving their bodies?

They too deserve a pet, a soft kind word… An “I love you mom,” before they go to bed, or hang up the call. Put it on a postcard.

When you finally do reach out and touch them, you realize it’s good for both of you. Warmth grows from the inside out. You reconnect, reconfirm, that you will be there for them – for each other. They can be the ones that feel the gift, that all is safe in their world.

Just like when you were little and they tucked you into bed.

Our parents are growing older, and they need us. It’s payback time...