Marilyn for me...


So I bought this book for him, two Christmases ago.  I finally decided to open it up today and take it out of that sorry, now dusty wrapping paper. This gift has been sitting on his side of the bed against the wall by the night table. Well it was ‘suppose to be ‘his side of the bed,’ but he never showed up… Why Marilyn? Well his house in Palm Springs is in a retro 50s style. He has a huge print of Marilyn in his kitchen.  He rents his house to tourists when he’s traveling. I figured it would be a great addition to his home.

The last time I was there we went to see the newly placed statue of Marilyn in the center of town. It is fabulous, and if you travel there, you can see her standing larger than life in that famous white dress pose where her dress is flared upward.

I’m not sure why it took me so long to open this gift and throw away that wrapping and bow.  I knew he would not be coming some 3 months ago, when I made the decision to end it. Maybe I was still believing? Maybe I just like people to open the gifts I buy them. Marilyn is for me now. Telling me everything will be alright.

"Some times good things fall apart, so better things can fall together." - Marilyn Monroe