Morning Song...

  First light - Coquitlam  Photo: Robbin Whachell

Into the edge of darkness lies a wide open sky of immortality, immorality.

Shadows, darkness, light wings of effervescence... Fluttering upon a sunrise of golden light.

Weeping widows wake with worry. Dust and dusk mar the sun. Edgy moments of translucent moon beams awaken me to times undone.

Happenstance...trailers of memories reminding me of who I am. Vibrant orange, azalea blue, singed so deeply in the pit of my stomach.

Ride with me Lord. Feel the depth of my knowing. The ache deep inside enlightened with passions and desires of what I cannot have.

It's all an illusion.  I own the ultimate. It's right here in my hand, yet the whip lies next to me still warm and soaked with my blood.

It's time to run, it's time to wait... Silently whisper everything I must know. Torture me with nothingness steeped in eternal knowledge. I can hear you with my deaf ears.  Rock me with the knowing, that it's all come undone.

Madness, crazy madness...wanting me, wanting you...   How can I be more than I am?

Feeling the pointed finger I poke in my own eye.  Truth speak to my heart. Heal my wounds of sorrow. Break the barriers, bonds, and burst the bounty within.

God hath no furry that I do not feel myself.  I only trip on my destiny.  To stumble on sagas of days gone by.

This moonlit night reminds me.  To walk in power, peace, poised with pride and patience.

As the sun rises a new day dawns with greatness. I take the child by the hand and see my salvation. Hallelujah.

Deep deep intimacy on gilded wings of light, fly past me and circle into a radiant shower of glee.

Am I okay to be all one? Alone? Me?  In whatever capacity it means?

Flying phantoms circle in to show their ugly heads.

I blow them away with a POOF!

Let the games begin...

(Written in 2010)

Spirit & SelfRobbin Whachell