Some things you might not know about me...


Do we really know people? I mean really? I've dated men that I thought I knew.  I've had family tell me about things they'd done that amazed me.  There is so much behind every person - a life of experiences. On the other hand, what do people really know about me? We become what we put out there, or what we wear, what we say, or what we do, when in actuality there is so much more.  Who ever knew?

  • I was born in The Pas, Manitoba, Canada, Catherine Rosanne Wachell
  • I am the 5th child of 7
  • I lived in a train caboose one summer while my parents sold our construction business
  • I was the mistress of ceremony and vice president of my high school graduation
  • I am Solutrean Metis Canadian with Cree, Sioux, Stoney, Anishinabek lineage; and I am French and German
  • I am half Czechoslovakian, that makes me a canceled checque :P
  • I chose my own first name in Grade 4. It was legally changed
  • My first job was a hair wash girl at a salon, then I was a road construction flag girl - great money, long hours, super tan
  • I've worked for the government of Alberta (a Canadian province), Price Waterhouse, and the Bahamas Film Studios, as well as on Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean II and III
  • I am the editor and cofounder of
  • I have four amazing children: 3 girls, 1 boy
  • I birthed three of my babies into water after a caesarian section with my first baby
  • My water birth /birth experiences were published in two magazines
  • My fourth birth was filmed and is used for birth conferences and education on a DVD called "Birth" by Gloria Lemay
  • I have an innie, not an outie, yes even after 4 pregnancies
  • I had straight hair pre-babies, it turned wavy during pregnancy, and has remained wavy post-pregnancy
  • I am a trained FIFA soccer coach - yes, I can play too!
  • I perform Blessingway ceremonies for expectant mothers and I've performed a marriage renewal
  • I helped form the Girls' Grand Bahama Soccer Development League
  • I love The Bahamas as much as I love Canada - they got lucky :)
  • I am a self taught writer, journalist, publicist, and editor
  • I've tandem skydived
  • I am trained in cranial sacral therapy, and I am a Reiki master
  • I've studied acting and film-making
  • I was in the final scene - first season, finale show (close up shot on my face) of The Outer Limits holding my infant son, yet I still have not seen it!
  • When the Taliban took over Afghanistan in the mid-90s, I read about the atrocities against the Afghan women in Reader's Digest and ripped out the article, copied it and snail mailed it to everyone I knew
  • I've traveled to over 22 countries so far
  • I am a dragon boat paddler
  • I do volunteer work related to salmon sustainability
  • I follow no religion, simply "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", and principles of Native American teachings, as well as the teachings of A Course in Miracles.
  • I can do the hokey pokey :) I took ballet and tap as a child
  • I have prophetic dreams
  • I believe that anything is possible
  • I believe in helping people
  • I believe in a better world
  • I believe in me!



Robbin Whachell is a writer, publicist, journalist, and the co-founder and editor of  Robbin lives in Coquitlam, B.C., Canada and is the mother of four children.