Photo: Fire Smoke Taunts Firefighter in Coquitlam


A firefighter from Coquitlam, B.C. stands at the top of a ladder ready to douse out flames  at an apartment fire  on February 16th at 2915 Glenn Drive said to possibly have be ignited by an exploding barbecue on a deck.  Over a hundred people were left homeless from the fire, but no lives were lost. In this image, it's as if the smoke face is looking confidently at the firefighter.   I had not noticed the smoke-face until I posted it online. Friends on Facebook alerted me to it after.  It's always amazing to see what a camera captures!

To me this image depicts 'the fight' that these brave men and women go through to put out fires and keep our communities safe.  This fire team worked from approximately 4pm in the afternoon until 2am the next morning. Bravo!

Local news coverage HERE.

After the fire...

(Photos and video: Robbin Whachell)