Happy 80th Birthday Mom!

  The many faces of Rose, Rosaline, and Corae. All my mother.


On December 23rd, 1933, a baby girl named Rosaline Heintz was born in Duck Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada. She was the middle child of three girls. Her mother died when she was four, and for most of her youth she was raised by her grandmother while her father hunted and trapped for the Hudson Bay Company. Her father remarried and after her grandmother died she went to live with her stepmother. That did not work out too well, or last very long, and young "Rose" moved into an orphanage on her own volition. Shortly after, at the age of 16 she met and married my father Bill, and the rest is history as they say.

My mother was the pioneer wife, the mechanic's wife, helped my father run a construction business, a gas station and she operated her own restaurant. She taught catechism classes, and would organize events for her community and church. Singing is synonymous to my mother, and I have fond memories of her songs and voice throughout my life. She can also yodel.

As for being a looker, well I also have many many memories of the men ogling over my mother whether we were walking down the street or driving in our station wagon. She can also dance, draw like an artist, and sew anything. She taught me to never wait for anyone else to do something for you, if you can do it yourself. From chopping wood to carpentry, mom could do it all. Oh, and did I mention she raised 7 children!?

Today my mom lives in Alberta, Canada ( a 12 hour drive from me), and she will soon be entering a senior's care center. Life passes us quickly...my father left us in March of this year. I wished she lived closer to me, but this is how it must be for now.

The strongest senses I have of my mother that will always remain with me, is her wonderful smell, and the softness of her skin. And of course the knowing of her love for me ....

I am so very grateful that I got to know this wonderful woman throughout my life, while she only has one or two fleeting memories of her own mother.