President of the Native Women’s Association named Women of the Year

micheleThe Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) in Ottawa has just announced that their president Michèle Audette, has been selected ‘Woman of the Year 2014’ by the Montreal Council of Women (MCW). "President Audette, along with Nakuset from the Native women’s shelter of Montreal, are being honoured for their exceptional work, dedication and perseverance both have shown over the course of their career to improve the lives of Aboriginal women," said the statement. The MWC publicly recognizes and honours exceptional women who have made significant contributions to society. The recipient(s) of this prestigious award is an exceptional woman, who through her daily actions, her strength of character and political path, contributes to the advancement and well-being of women. She is a role model, who inspires others to excel, has worked to facilitate the advancement of women by breaking down barriers; has outstanding leadership skills, courage and resourcefulness, has initiated innovative actions, programs and is an inspiration to others.

The NWAC said it is proud and very pleased that President Audette is being recognized for her many achievements and is being honoured for the work that she is doing to improve the lives of Aboriginal women in Canada.

In September 2014 Audette told the Canadian press that she would be relinquishing her post to run for the federal Liberals in the next election.

"The Native Women's Association has been one of the loudest voices calling on the Conservative government to hold a national inquiry into murdered and missing aboriginal women and girls," writes the Huffington Post.